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Establishing the first ever LGBTQ2S+ Liaison Officer position both within the Vancouver Police Department and the province of British Columbia, Dale Quiring has been integral to the improvement of policies, procedures and most importantly relationship building with LGBTQ2S+ community.

Over the course of his 20-year policing career thus far, he has spent time working in the Public Order Unit and the Source Handling Unit, while his time in patrol was primarily in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Most recently, as the Hate Crimes Detective in the Diversity & Indigenous Relations Section, Constable Quiring received the BC Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award in 2016, as well as a Chief’s Constable Commendation in 2017 for his work with the LGBTQ2S+ community.


Constable Quiring has been instrumental in implementing multiple LGBTQ2S+ initiatives, including the establishment of the 1st Canadian Safe Place Program and the VPD/LGBTQ2S+Advisory Committee. He created the transgender training video “Walk with Me” which has received international attention and recognition. Constable Quiring also created an LGBTQ2S+ sensitivity training program and has trained various Municipal and RCMP detachments along with various community agencies across the country regarding LGBTQ2S+ issues in policing. Given his expertise in the subject matter, Constable Quiring was further invited to present to Parliament in 2016 on Bill C-16 in order to generate discussion and provide a much-needed policing perspective. Through his dedication and commitment to improving policing practices, Constable Quiring was the recent recipient of the 2018 Blue Line Magazine’s Police Leadership Award.

What I Do

Breaks the barriers of bias, prejudice and hate

Advocates for acceptance and inclusion in sports

Focuses on building healthy relationships

Creates cultural shifts within policing

  • Mission Statement

  • To educate, inspire and motivate law enforcement and community institutions by providing education and strategies on how to foster communication and trust with the LGBTQ2S+ community.

  • Vision Statement

  • To facilitate a paradigm shift within law enforcement towards the LGBTQ2S+ community to become less reaction-based and more proactive in their initiatives. To incorporate empathy, active listening and honest communication to build trust and foster meaningful relationships between law enforcement and the LGBTQ2S+ community.


How can meaningful training and education facilitate change?

Training is about educating police and civilian personnel on the need for a paradigm shift in how they approach community. It gives them tools and ideas on how to build bridges with communities where a relationship of trust doesn’t exist.

The focus of the presentation is geared towards establishing meaningful relationships between the police and LGBTQ2S+ community. For it is through relationships that trust is built, only then do programs and initiatives become relevant and effective. It is within this space that dialogue becomes possible and police personnel truly can understand the unique needs of the community. From this new position of understanding, initiatives and programs can be constructed that are proactive in nature and foster trust building relationships that are unique to ones’ community.

Dale standing in a boardroom ready to teach a training program.

This session provides knowledge, insight and a unique perspective from Constable Dale Quiring who created the first LGBTQ2S+ liaison position in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Historically and along with today’s climate, police agencies have and continue to face many challenges developing and maintaining trust within the LGBTQ2S+ community.

This training will touch on a variety of topics to assist and help police agencies shape and develop policies, initiatives and overall culture to meet and overcome barriers to building trust in the LGBTQ2S+ community. A heavy emphasis in the presentation will focus on the transgender community exploring many topics from police interactions, terminology, transition, social media, and human rights issues to assist all police personnel in their day to day interactions with the transgender community.

This training will include:
  • Understanding the historical and current challenges that face the LGBTQ2S+ community
  • Gaining an appreciation of the need for active listening and empathy to bridge the gap between police and marginalized communities
  • A working knowledge of current concepts and terminology as it applies to the transgender community
  • Understanding active listening, empathy and compassion, the role they play for effective communication in the trans community
  • Gaining a better knowledge of current legislation as it applies to Human Rights Code violations
  • Understanding the transition phase and the implications it has on police procedure
  • Embracing a new paradigm shift and how we approach policing
Dale teaching a class of students a course.

This course is designed primarily for youth in elementary and high school settings. The empathetic bully explores real life issues faced by youth and young adults highlighting the various forms bullying is communicated. Real life examples are shown to foster empathy in youth to help create a paradigm shift from bullying to being an ally to those in need.


This Training will include:

  • Understanding hardships faced by youth in person, online in an ever changing and diverse world
  • Understanding empathy, its value and why it is so important to help shift the bully’s perspective
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  • Follow-up consulting on an hourly basis
  • Review of policy, procedure, education and training modules
  • Royal Bank of Canada, Vancouver
  • Variety of RCMP detachments in BC
  • Municipal police departments across Canada
  • Community organizations in the Lower Mainland
  • Elementary/high schools across BC
  • Parliament of Canada

Years of Policing


BC Community Safety and Crime Prevention Award


Chief’s Constable Commendation


Blue Line Magazine’s Police Leadership Award

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